Before you set off on your first ride?

Pardubice Card User Manual (PDF file - previous version valid till 31st March 2011, the current version is under construction). This section gives a brief summary of the most important information necessary to travel using the Pardubice Card.

Charging Pardubice Card

Season fare credit and electronic wallet credit for payment of individual fares can be charged at the Customer Centre in Pernerova Street, at the Point of Sale at the Czech Railways station, at the Tourist Information Centre in Pardubice (to a limited extent only) and in designated vending machines. The Card you wish to charge must be presented physically.

Season fare credit and electronic wallet credit can be topped up using online Pardubice Card charging via the internet on our website. This service only supports personalized Pardubice Cards.

In case of charging an electronic wallet, the maximum sum it can be topped up with is 3,500 CZK. For season fares, up to 3 periods of different types of season fare which do not overlap within a calendar year can be saved on the card.

Location of ticket vending machines

Information can be found at Ticket vending machines.

Tariff zones

The tariff zone is used to delimit the validity of a transport pass for a particular zone. The boundary of a zone lies in between two bus stops which lie in different tariff zones. The tariff zone to which a bus stop belongs is defined according to the data given in the valid time-table. It is clearly depicted on the Public Transport Map.

Passengers travelling shorter distances, i.e. one to three stretches between bus stops, will be provided with a discount.