How to get a Pardubice Card?

The Pardubice Card is issued by Dopravní podnik mesta Pardubic a.s. (DPMP, i.e. the Pardubice Transport Company). To obtain the card, you must visit the Customer Centre located in Pernerova Street or the Point of Sale at the Czech Railways station. The Card can be obtained by an individual or a legal entity. As there are several types of Card, different rules of acquisition and usage apply to each of the types.

Acquisition of a personalized card

To acquire a personalized Pardubice Card, you must fill in an "Application for Pardubice Card" (Žádost o vydání Pardubické karty) and sign the "Terms and Conditions of Issue and Usage of Pardubice Card" (Podmínky pro vydávání a používání Pardubické karty). Both forms are available:

To be issued a Card, you will need:

  • Filled-in Application for Pardubice Card
  • Signed Terms and Conditions of Issue and Usage of Pardubice Card
  • Personal ID card or another identity document to verify your personal data
  • An original colour passport photo with dimensions 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, legibly signed on the rear side (the photo will be returned upon hand-over of the Card).

On submission of the application, a handling charge will be requested in accordance with the valid price list which is included in the Public Transport Tariff. You will receive the application stub including the application reference number, stamp of the point of sale and the date you will be able to collect the card from the same DPMP point of sale.

On the day stated in the Application, go to the respective DPMP a.s. Point of Sale and collect your Card.

When collecting your Card

  • You should check the correctness of the data stated on the Card and with your signature confirm that you have collected your Card.
  • Using the respective document, you assert your claim to a discounted fare.
  • Upon receiving your Card, you can purchase two types of pre-paid season fare.
  • Upon receiving your Card, you can save cash in a so-called electronic wallet to allow payment of one-off fares.
  • You will receive a receipt of saving electronic cash on the Card, which should be kept in case of a claim.

Each person can hold only one personalised card issued in his/her name. For children younger than 15, submission of the Application and collection of the Card must be done by the parent or guardian indicated in the Application. Upon submitting an Application, the applicant shall also present his/her identity card. If the child's data are not included in the identity card of the parent or guardian, he/she shall present the child's birth certificate.

Acquisition of a non-personalized card

To obtain a non-personalized card, filling in of the Application for Pardubice Card is not necessary. You can buy it from the Customer Centre or Point of Sale at the price indicated in the Public Transport Tariff. As with the personalised card, you can use its features without limitation; as an electronic wallet or for selected types of transferable season tickets.

For additional personalization of the Card you will be charged a handling fee as set out in the Public Transport Tariff. The procedure to obtain this Card is the same as for a personalized card. If you want to have your card personalized, the surface of the Card must not be damaged. If a card is damaged, DPMP a.s. can refuse to personalize such card.