Useful tips for travelling using the Pardubice Card

Did you know that more people can travel using a Pardubice Card? And that it is reasonably economical to transfer using the Pardubice Card? This section also includes tips to ensure the long life of your Pardubice Card and other useful information.

Checking the balance on your Pardubice Card

You can check information on the balance and validity of your Card on any terminal screen of any Public Transport vehicle. Upon pressing the "Info" button and placing the Card within range of the reader, the screen will display information on your card. Of course, you can find out the balance from the staff at any Point of Sale or by placing the Card close to selected charging machines.

Transfers pay off

If you transfer from one vehicle to another during your journey and validate boarding using your Card within 30 minutes of the first boarding, you are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare. The discounted fare does not apply to night service lines. At weekends and on bank holidays, if you travel using a standard fare, you are entitled to a 50% discount on it, which is applicable from the first transfer, for the whole day and without the need to transfer within 30 minutes. Beware! If you travel with your Pardubice Card in Hradec Králové, the discount is not applicable to this type of travel.

Fare for fellow-passengers

Your fellow-passenger has neither a Card nor a paper ticket? No problem! If you have sufficient credit on your Card, up to two fellow-passengers can travel on your Card.

Printing out a tax document

If you need a printed-out tax document for a one-off fare, you must get off using the front door. On the terminal touch screen by the driver select "Tisk" (Print) and place your Pardubice Card on the reader. The document will be printed out. The fare-collecting terminal by the driver's booth is the only one equipped with a printer.

Password in the "Application" and "Terms and Conditions"

A password is an optional item of the Application. It serves for authentication when a card user contacts the DPMP a.s. Customer Centre with a request to block the Card due to loss or theft.

Charging Pardubice Card in ticket vending machines

The Pardubice Card can be charged in selected ticket vending machines according to the prompts displayed on the screen. A list of such ticket vending machines can be found on DPMP a.s. website.

Group travel

If you want to make a collective payment (e.g. schools), you can pay using your Card at the driver. In that case you must report to the driver the number and types of requested transport passes together with the respective tariff zone where the group intends to go.

Transfer of the Card contents to a different Card

You can decide to transfer the contents of your Card to a different card. This is how to transfer the electronic wallet cash or a pre-paid season fare. The transfer of a pre-paid season fare is bound by the recognition of discounts applicable to the original card. The transfer can be performed at the Customer Centre of at the Point of Sale at the Czech Railways station, without the need to give reasons and under conditions which are not in conflict with the Tariff Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions of Transport. The requested transfer shall be carried out within 24 hours of its reporting.

Remember and be aware of...

The card is sensitive electronic equipment

…as such, it cannot be exposed to long periods of extreme temperatures (below -10°C and above 40°C), exposure to alternating current or a magnetic field, or static electric or a magnetic field outside its general range. The card shall not in any way be folded, broken, its dimensions modified, or its surface mechanically damaged.

A valid card used for fare collection must be damage-free, having no signs of unauthorised modifications to its function. It is recommended to keep the card in the sleeve delivered with the Card. The card can be used without taking it out of the sleeve. The card should work also if carried in a document case or wallet.

Change in personal data

Upon any change in personal data, a personalized card user is obliged to report such changes to the Customer Centre and where data printed on the card (name, surname, appearance of the card user) have changed, request the issuing of a new card.