What is Pardubice Card?

Pardubice Card

The Pardubice Card is an advanced electronic document which allows you to forget about paper tickets. It is designed for all passengers who use Pardubice Public Transport, both for regular commuting to work or for occasional trips to the city centre or when visiting friends.

Pardubice Card is a contactless memory chip card which serves either as a pre-paid season ticket or as an electronic wallet allowing payment of a one-off fare, which can be charged with a predetermined sum of money, similarly to a pre-paid card for your mobile phone.

It is available in two basic options

  1. A personalised card in the name of the particular user containing his/her name and photo, which is non-transferable.
  2. The non-personalized card is transferable, which allows a family or a company to share it among its members. Applications for a Pardubice Card can be submitted by any citizen regardless of his/her domicile or by any company regardless of its registered office. Different terms and conditions in respect to obtaining it and usage apply to each type of Card.

Why get a Pardubice Card?

The answer is simple: because it is much more convenient and comfortable than common paper tickets. It is similar to paying with a credit card instead of sending paper payment orders. No more do you have to think about where to get a sufficient number of tickets or search for them in your wallet while boarding a vehicle.

While boarding, you simply take out your Card, place it close to the terminal reader and safely take your seat. Users with a season fare do not have to validate the Card at the terminal unless travelling on a night service vehicle. Users with a non-personalized card select the type of fare upon placing the card in the terminal. The type of fare must also be selected if you are purchasing a fare for a fellow-passenger with a personalized card.

Of course, using the Pardubice Card is also more economical than using paper tickets; these are intended for those who use Pardubice Public Transport only occasionally.

Benefits of the Pardubice Card:

  • Cheaper fares than when purchasing paper tickets
  • Option of transfer for a cheaper fare
  • Possibility of travelling shorter distances for a lower fare (up to 3 bus stop sections)
  • Non-cash payment of a fare not only for the card's user but also for his/her fellow-passengers
  • Possibility of using a debit payment of a fare for the Card user
  • Tariff benefits on weekends and bank holidays
  • Faster and easier fare collection